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Epiphany Episcopal Church

Who We Are

We have been a church whose heart is centered, as its founder’s was, in God's work of reconciliation. We strive to live into this work today.

Our name refers to the Visit of the Wise Men to the Christ Child, found in Matthew 2:1-12. Their visit was an epiphany to the world, a revealing of Jesus, born for the world; a reconciling act of God.  We are at our best when we live to reveal God’s reconciling love.

When God brought Dr. Dame to Danville, he brought a priest whose call in ministry was in the work of reconciliation.  We believe God continues to point us to this walk.

What We Do

Over 175 years ago, our founding rector used the words "God's Pointing's" to speak of our work. "My idea is that need, poverty, sickness, and affliction are God's pointings..." (Dr. George Washington Dame). Epiphany understands the following "pointings" as our work:

The Free Clinic of Danville Following Jesus' practice of healing the sick, The Free Clinic of Danville was established by our church (1992) to reach the uninsured and under-served. The Free Clinic of Danville  offers a full range of primary care and laboratory services to residents of this region. Epiphany continues in its support of the clinic both through monetary donations and volunteers from within our parish family. Join us by joining in their ministry. For more information, please visit: The Free Clinic of Danville.

Our Disciple Lunch / Dinner “If you love me feed my sheep” (John 21:17), Epiphany Church sustains two critical feeding programs. On Tuesday evenings (5-6pm), a community meal is served downstairs in the parish hall. On Thursday (noon) bagged lunches are handed out in the church sanctuary. EES students often lend a hand and participate in special feedings, like the “Five Hundred Turkeys" at Thanksgiving.

Stop Hunger Now Epiphany hosts a biannual gathering of 40-50 volunteers to package 10,000+ dehydrated, highly nutritious meals which are sent to people in need throughout the world. Each packaged meal contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals, and serves six. These 2-hour long events are a fun, hands-on, assembly line process that all ages can participate in! For more information about this organization, please visit: Stop Hunger Now. Our next pack is SEPT. 11th.

EPIPHANY EPISCOPAL SCHOOL From preschool to 8th grade, Epiphany Episcopal School provides a classical education with a challenging curriculum and educational environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and research skills. We place an emphasis on student success by teaching children HOW to learn, paving the way for a lifetime of learning. For more information, please visit:

Additional Outreach Ministries

God's Storehouse In 1987, Epiphany participated in the planning stages of God’s Storehouse’s establishment. The private, non-profit organization collects, stores, and distributes food to individuals and families who do not qualify for federal/state programs. From its inception, we donate food, money and provide hands on time at the storehouse. For more information, please visit: God's Storehouse.  Our next volunteer assignment at the store is in November.

Hygiene Kits Organized by Church Women United of Danville and distributed by Church World Service to those in need in areas of disaster, refugee camps, relocation facilities, homeless shelters, and the like. For more information on this cause, please visit: Church World Service.